Meet Thelma

Thelma is devoted to everyday versatility, artful Italian craftsmanship, and quietly eye-catching design. Thelma shoes are practical, but never ordinary. Each pair is handmade by expert artisans dedicated to preserving inherited techniques as well as upholding the highest ethical and environmental standards.

Thelma is inspired by and created for the extraordinary everywoman.

Preferring uncomplicated design, she is quietly aware of who she is and what she likes. She is a perfect mix of seemingly contradictory virtues: serious and light, daring and understated, sensible and expressive. She has a deep, unfailing sense of what works and she doesn't waste time trying things she knows will not. She is very much herself.

The original Thelma Loafer is our answer to the ideal everyday shoe: powerful and feminine, pulled-together yet comfortable, vibrant yet refined. It is a shoe to step out in. The woman in Thelmas is ready for what’s ahead. She doesn't create the illusion of confidence, she simply is.

Meet the Founder, Amanda Greeley

Amanda believes that striking the balance between expressiveness and practicality is the perfect recipe for wardrobe confidence. Of all the items a woman can have in her closet, the loafer is arguably the most versatile.

Rather than borrow a men’s loafer and shrink it to a women's size - as so many heritage brands do - Amanda was determined to create a loafer as sensible as any man’s with an undeniably feminine edge. Thus, the Original Thelma Loafer was born in 2016.

Knowing that the most interesting things about people are always those that can’t be seen, Amanda likes to think that Thelma shoes are for nonconformists hiding in plain sight. The one-of-a-kind wooden heels and saturated colors provide a glimpse into who the wearer is.

Amanda currently lives in Charleston, South Carolina.


"Spring 2018's Best Loafers Are Anything But Boring."

"Spring 2018's Best Loafers Are Anything But Boring."
"This brand Believes in Loafers So Much, That's All It Makes."
As Seen in the July 2018 Issue.


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